Void Legend

Void Legend

Void Legend is a work-in-progress tabletop roleplaying game by Greg Soper A.K.A. @sporgory.

To be released - for free - on this site. Follow to stay up-to-date.

Void Legend

a jumbo gumbo - this world of the Void - evil from all time and space - condensed singularly - innocence suffers for eternity

Void Legend

the prophecy speaks - the Golden Sun forgives - the wandering heroes might undo their great failure - seek and restore the Sages to the Circle - step against the Void and its Fiends - only through them will the world be made new

Void Legend

Void Legend is an epic, fast paced roleplaying game about failed Heroes questing through a bizarre mash-up world watched over by the Void. The players and the Void are both working against one another to fill the Empty Pantheon with their chosen Sages or Fiends. Will time and space be set right in the end, or are we just gonna have run this back again?

You'll really get hot for Void Legend if you like nerdy hip-hop, Samurai Jack, Chrono Trigger, The Dark Tower series, Alan Wake 2, Spiderverse, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This is a free in-progress game by Greg Soper A.K.A. @sporgory - stay up-to-date by following Greg at any of these places:

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Email me: gsoper at hey dot com

Based on AGON and the Paragon system by John Harper and Sean Nittner.


Check out Shoot the Gift - a hip-hop inspired Paragon game by Ronald Nealy. Big inspiration for Void Legend.

You can see some of the visual elements I'm pulling together on my moodboard.

This Jay-Z + Chrono Trigger mashup is very good and silly. It's also exactly what this game is supposed to feel like.

Void Legend