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Experience is the measure of expertise, understanding, and hard-won lessons that make your character great — it sets heroes apart from ordinary people.

Every time a hero participates in a contest, they earn Experience, which is tracked on the hero sheet. The hero who is best in the contest earns an amount of Experience equal to the target number.

Each other hero who prevails earns half that amount (rounded up). Heroes who support or suffer in the contest each earn 1 Experience.


On the Experience track on your hero sheet, there are markers for certain Experience amounts (by default, at 80, 160, and 240). When you hit a marker, you advance your Name die to the indicated level (d8, d10, d12), then reset your Experience back to zero.


Every hero must meet their Fate — glorious death in battle, peaceful old age at home, or a tragic end filled with sorrow. One thing is certain: Fate is inexorable and cannot be resisted. In play, the span of a hero’s tale is measured with the Fate track on the hero sheet. You mark a box of Fate when: f You need to mark Grit, but all your Grit is already marked f You need to expend a Strength charge, but don’t have any remaining When a Hero Player marks on the Fate track, they earn a boon. When your final Fate box is checked, your hero’s story has ended. You’ll discover their heroic legend and describe their epilogue.


Heroes grow in power by receiving boons as their Fate increases and when they achieve particular goals. There are benchmarks on the Fate scale, indicated by . When you mark , you earn a boon. When you earn a boon, mark one of the boxes on your hero sheet and permanently gain that benefit. Choose your first five boons from the initial set, below:  ADVANCE D8 DOMAIN TO D10   ADVANCE D6 DOMAIN TO D8  ADVANCE STYLE TO D8  ADD ANOTHER STYLE When you’ve marked all five of the initial boons, you may select from these options when you earn a boon:  YOUR HELP OR SUPPORT DIE COUNTS AS ONE SIZE LARGER  WHEN YOU ADD A SECOND DOMAIN, TAKE 2 DICE  WHEN YOU USE A STRENGTH, ROLL 2D4, KEEP THE HIGHEST.


During their trials, the heroes lend aid to each other and expect their companions to do so in kind. The loose currency of oaths, favors, and gratitude are recorded on the hero sheet as Bonds.

Gaining Bonds
f In character creation, heroes get 2 Bonds with each other hero. f In a contest, a hero may sit out to provide support for another hero. They pass their Domain die to the Hero Player of their choosing (who includes it in their dice pool). The supporting player earns 1 Bond with the hero they support plus 1 Experience. f In a showdown, the Hero Player who earns the advantage die from the Clash phase may give it to another Hero Player in exchange for 1 Bond with them. f During the Interlude phase, the heroes have fellowship with each other and create new Bonds.

Spending Bonds
When you spend a Bond, ask for one of the following:

Hero Advantages and Blessings

A character can seize an advantage when circumstances favor them — sometimes by winning a contest, but the Hazard Player may also grant an advantage if a hero has a particular Strength that applies to the situation at hand.

The Hazard Player assigns a die size to an advantage based on how well it applies to the situation. The more applicable the advantage, the larger the die. If the advantage is moderate, make it d6. If it’s strong, assign a d8. If it’s extreme, assign a d10. The advantage die from the Clash in a battle is always a d10.


In their trials, heroes endure pain, despair, and exhaustion. A normal person would succumb to these hardships, but heroes posses an inner fire that lets them press on, known as Grit.

Marking Grit
Mark a Grit circle ( ) on your character sheet to push yourself in a contest and include the die from a second Domain in your dice pool. You also mark Grit when you suffer harm in an Arduous or Dangerous contest.

Restoring Grit
During the recovery stage of an Interlude, the heroes remove all their marks of Grit.


When you use a Strength, erase its charge ( ) and roll 1d4. Add the result to your hero’s final total in a contest. You might also earn an advantage die if your Strength is especially potent or suitable in the current situation.

You may use a Strength that isn’t charged, but you don’t get to add a d4 to your total. You may still earn an advantage die, however, if the Strength applies.

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