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When you’ve marked all your Fate boxes, your hero’s tale is almost at an end. Your hero may finish the current Hazard (any further Fate they suffer is ignored) and then they retire from the game. Your hero’s story also comes to an end if you choose to die in a contest. At the end of a game session in which any heroes have met their end, their players determine the legend for each hero by assessing their Name, Achievements, and Virtues. Writing your hero’s legend also completes their Name. While they were on their adventures, they were known by their Style, Name, and background. Now they will also be called by the titles they earned and their Achievements.

Legendary Title

Look to your two highest virtues and choose one of the titles from the appropriate list to discover what your hero is called by the people who remember them. Each Paragon Game will have its own list of legendary titles, depending on the Virtues that game uses. For example, in AGON, there are examples like: Acumen & Courage: Conqueror, Warlord, Vanquisher Courage & Grace: Crusader, Savior, Vindicator Grace & Passion: Liberator, Peacemaker, Prophet And so on. Think about what kind of titles your chosen virtues might bestow. If none of the titles appeal to you, feel free to create your own. The list is there to help spark ideas, not limit your options.

Greatest Deed

Look over your list of Achievements and find the one that was the most meaningful to you. If there are a few deeds that stand out, that’s okay, you can blend them together in your epilogue.

Your Name

The final factor in your hero’s epilogue is the size of their Name die. The larger the die size, the more epic the hero’s epilogue should be. Consider the following guidelines: f d6: A notable character. You were a stalwart companion to the greatest of the heroes. You will be remembered by your family and companions and their children. f d8: A great hero. You will be remembered for generations and your tales will be told far and wide. f d10: A legendary hero. Civilization will forever use your name to instruct those seeking virtue. f d12: An epic hero. You shall never be forgotten. Your glory is writ in the stars for eternity.


Once all the pieces are in place, describe your hero’s epilogue to the other players. You might even play a brief scene showing your hero later in life, or with characters in the future talking about what their legacy means to them.

Making a New Hero

After one your hero meets their Fate, make a new hero to join the group in their further adventures. Make a hero following the origin system, as usual, with one additional option: f You may advance your Fate track as far as you like and take the boons now to represent previous experience. Describe how your hero appears and joins the team.


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